New Netbook

I just picked up a new toy, a Dell Mini 10v.

It’s difficult to explain why I got this, since our house isn’t lacking for extra computers.  My boss pointed out that for fifty bucks more buys a full-powered laptop.  Honestly though, the form factor on the netbook is sufficiently different.    It’s just easier to sit on the couch with it. It’s substantially lighter and quieter.  Folded up, it fits in my hand like a book.  And, at half the price of the low-end iPad, I figure I won’t worry about the thing the way I do with my laptops.

We’ll see.


Also, although I’ve been using Linux on the server side for years, I’ve spent hardly any time with client side Linux.  The open question for me is  whether I can recommend desktop Linux to my non-technical friends and relatives.


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