Sun’s Java certifications under Oracle

One of the fall-outs of Oracle buying up Sun is that the Sun Java certifications now become Oracle certifications. We’re now seeing some of the plans to reorganize the different certifications. It looks like the Sun Certificated Java Programmer stays in the same place, but the higher level certs will be split up by subject area, and then recombined into “master” certifications.

I hope the tests and scope of the tests are retained. I have a fairly high opinion of Sun’s Java certification tests. Every time I studied for one of them, I learned new things about the domain. These certs are reasonably priced. The tests are difficult, but it is entirely possible to pass even if you haven’t taken Sun’s (expensive) classes.

Of course, Oracle has always had a highly regarded certification system. But getting their certification is quite expensive. It would be difficult to move up the Oracle ranks without the classes, which will typically require funding from your employer.

I recently looked into Spring certification. Spring is a significant technology, and one I’d like to know more about it. This cert looks interesting and challenging. The test is only $150, but you’re not allowed to take it unless you’ve attended the $2500 class on “Core Spring”.

For Java developers, if you haven’t taken a certification, I highly recommend it. We all need to keep ourselves educated, and it helps to have a specific goal to shoot for.


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