AeroPress Coffee

My favorite Christmas gift this year is a new coffee maker. I love coffee. I enjoy espresso, but only occasionally, so it’s hard to justify buying a high-end espresso machine for a couple shots a week.

Last week my wife gave me an Aerobie AeroPress. This thing is a lot of fun and it makes amazing espresso which I usually water down to Americano. I suspect that there’s some semantic reason that this isn’t really espresso, but it’s definitely the strongest coffee I’ve ever made. It’s also rich; with neither bitterness or excess acid. You can really taste the coffee.  So far, it hasn’t produced any crema, that oily foam that’s the mark of good expresso.


It looks like drug paraphernalia doesn’t it? I suppose it is. You fill the cylinder with ground coffee and hot water. Brew for ten seconds and then use the piston to extract all the coffee.

Besides the strong flavor, the resulting brew packs a lot of caffeine. A few Christmas day experiments left me pretty wired. I drink a lot of coffee, but this is the first time in years that I actually got the jitters.


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